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Published on 9th May 2023

Welcome to the Telecoms Takeaway podcast homepage.

A series of podcasts looking at topical developments and legal issues in the Communications space as next generation connectivity evolves.


Episode 1: The key takeaways from the UK government's new Wireless Infrastructure Strategy

In our first monthly Telecoms Takeaway podcast, Eleanor Williams and Hannah Drew discuss the principal themes and takeaways from the UK government's new and wide-ranging Wireless Infrastructure Strategy published on 11th April – how will strategy change to realise the benefits of next generation digital infrastructure?


Episode 2: Telecoms takeaway | How the UK Telecoms Security Act will impact suppliers to the telecoms sector

In our second monthly Telecoms Takeaway Podcast, TK Spiff and Hannah Drew take a look at how the new UK telecoms security regime will impact the telecoms sector, and what suppliers to communications providers will need to be considering, particularly in relation to the contracts they have in place for the services they provide.  


Episode 3: Telecoms takeaway | Green contracting in the international telecoms sector

In our third monthly Telecoms Takeaway Podcast, Eleanor Williams, Matthew Germain, Vic Gwynedd-Jones, Roger Segarra and Joanna Peltzman discuss how "green-contracting" can help telecoms businesses achieve their net-zero goals. The discussion draws on perspectives from the UK, France and Spain and looks at how regulation and market practice are developing in this key area, as well as at enforcement considerations and projections for the future.


Episode 4: Telecoms Takeaway | Impact of the Consumer Credit Act on the Communication sector

In our fourth monthly Telecoms Takeaway Podcast, Jon Fell and Ben Player discuss the impact of the Consumer Credit Act on the Communications sector.


Episode 5: Telecoms takeaway | The evolution from Telco to Techco

In our fifth Telecoms Takeaway, Eleanor Williams is joined by Suzanne Gilbert, Principal Lawyer, in BT's Networks and Research legal team, to discuss the growing trend of telecoms businesses transforming into technology businesses. We discuss how the evolution is driven by new technology becoming available, changing customer behaviour and demand for more flexible and agile customer solutions whilst needing to differentiate in the market and build sustainable business growth.  Suzanne also touches on how this business change is impacting on the legal team and their use of AI to support the business.


Episode 6: Telecoms takeaway | What is the Product Security Telecommunications Infrastructure Act?

In our sixth Telecoms Takeaway podcast, Tom Bumstead and Chris Dent kick-off our four part mini-series focussing on the Product Security Telecommunications Infrastructure Act. The Act was introduced in the UK in December 2022 but is incrementally coming into force with additional regulations being passed in 2023 and more to come in 2024. In this episode, we discuss why the Act was introduced and potential missed opportunities in the legislation so far.


Episode 7: Telecoms Takeaway | Product Security Telecommunications Infrastructure Act

Wired for Change? Unpacking the changes to date

In our seventh Telecoms Takeaway podcast, Tom Bumstead and Chris Dent continue our four part mini-series with the second instalment which focuses on the changes which the Product Security Telecommunications Infrastructure Act has introduced to the Electronic Communications Code. In this episode, we take a deeper dive into these changes, looking at how these might operate in practice and the potential impact this may have on Code operators and landowners alike.


* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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