Antitrust litigation

Cartels and other antitrust violations often result in serious harm. If you are adversely affected, you have a right to effective loss recovery. Where millions, and even billions, are at stake, working with lawyers who can help you achieve results is essential.

Antitrust litigation has become mainstream in the form of follow-on and stand-alone damages claims. The volume of claims has increased significantly in recent years, and collective actions for businesses and consumers are on the rise.

Digital regulation such as the EU’s Digital Markets Act is also enforced through private litigation. Data-driven business models, distribution practices or licensing terms are often at the heart of competition disputes. Antitrust litigation can also expedite access to essential data or infrastructure.

”A dominant force”

Global Competition Review on our antitrust litigation practice

Effective competition litigation strategies

Our antitrust litigators act as lead counsel in high-stakes competition disputes. We have secured victories in the European Court of Justice, as well as in the logistics, food, and technology sectors in Germany, Italy and Spain. In the UK, prominent cases we've worked on involve the semiconductor and media sectors. In Germany, our recent actions in the chemical and motor vehicle industries each involved half a billion euros worth of claims.

As well as representing those who are adversely affected by cartel activity, we defend clients in government investigations and related litigation. Our lawyers have a substantial track record bringing and defending damages actions and other types of competition cases across Europe.

Our antitrust litigators

Our specialist competition experience means that we give effective and commercially focused advice on competition claims from the moment they arise. Our international team has successfully represented clients before the European Court of Justice, in national courts, arbitrations and in settlement negotiations.