Managing market disruption 

Our commitment to helping you future-proof your interests is the foundation of the work we do. It's why we have experts always working on new and emerging asset classes and opportunities. It's why we're always horizon scanning for critical political and legal trends so that we can advise on how you can prepare, whether to manage the risks or capture new opportunities. It's why we have experts across such a wide range of legal areas – and all with a deep understanding of the built environment.

Our team brings together experts in:

  • Sustainability and environment
  • Tax
  • Urban dynamics
  • Decarbonisation
  • Energy (renewables, grid connections, etc) 
  • Heat strategies
  • Competition law
  • Compliance – especially across the 'hot' points of a real estate supply chain
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Corporate structuring
  • Fund and finance solutions
  • Technology and data
  • Data centres

Wherever our clients are going next, they rely on us to help them get there.