Osborne Clarke's commitment to people continues with a series of projects that put the development of employee talent and the promotion of a shared and inclusive culture at the heart of the firm's growth strategy.

Osborne Clarke Talent Development

Running since the beginning of 2022 in collaboration with Awair, a leading organisational psychology consulting company, the project starts from a scientific basis to enhance the unique contribution of each lawyer.
During its first phase, lawyers completed their own personal Hogan test; a world standard in the science of personality assessment in organisational contexts. The aggregated data mapped the firm's skills sets, while interviews supported each attendee with a personal assessment including values, strengths and risk factors. 
The second phase - which began with training days dedicated to the most important topics related to the future of work, such as the evolution of leadership and the management of change – is now starting with Group Coaching sessions, which bring the Coaches directly into the firm to work alongside the lawyers. "The aim," explains Federica Greggio, Partner and Italy's ESG Champion,  Social, "is to provide people with tools that help them to acquire full awareness of their individual skills and to identify and implement talent development actions in line with the firm's strategic objectives".  

Lead Like a Woman

The brainchild of partners Cristina Gabardi, Federica Greggio, Maria Grazia Medici and Sara Miglioli, this project involves all Osborne Clarke Italy's female professional staff. With the aim of fostering female empowerment and the access of women to top positions, it is divided into training sessions and direct testimonials that investigate the central themes of the evolution of the role of women in the world of work. These include, for example, the unconscious prejudices that limit professional growth and the tools available to recognise and manage them.

International Network and internal training

Staff have the opportunity to gain international experience through Exchange programmes, at Os-borne Clarke's office which are located in over 26 countries around the world, and through secondment activities at client companies. In-house professional training, with in-depth courses on legal topics is ongoing. 
Riccardo Roversi, Managing Partner and Italy's ESG Champion,  Governance: "Osborne Clarke invests a significant percentage of its Italian revenues in projects for the professional development of its staff. We are confident that this is the only possible way to preside over the future of work as protagonists". 
All initiatives are part of OC for Good, the programme that promotes Osborne Clarke's ESG commitment internationally.

See Omar Al-Nuaimi, CEO Osborne Clarke's Diversity&Inclusion Statement.

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