The ‘Crowdfunding Crossing Borders’ research focused on identifying the main grounds for a liability claim in several different types of crowdfunding (investment-based, lending-based, rewards-based and donations-based) in the participating Member States. It means the report is particularly useful for crowdfunding platforms planning to provide cross border services, as it aims to give an overview of the rules that a platform and/or a project owner needs to comply with when operating on a cross-border basis.

The European Crowdfunding Team of Osborne Clarke was excellently represented in the research covering five out of 11 participating Member States. Alongside the German team (Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange, Tim Maiorino and Thorge Drefke), crowdfunding experts from OC UK (David Blair and Marie-Claire Smith), OC Italy (Umberto Piattelli), OC Spain (David Miranda, Javier Beltran and Angel Garcia) and OC France (Catherine Olive) contributed to the research.

On 30 March 2016 the research findings were presented at an event hosted by Crowdfunding Hub in Amsterdam, which was attended by Partner Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange, Counsel Tim Maiorino and Associate Coen Barneveld Binkhuysen. The next day, Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange and Tim Maiorino introduced some high-ranking political and commercial representatives from, among others, the EU Council, the EU Commission and the crowdfunding industry during a panel discussion. They examined the findings of the research project at the well-attended event on the assumption of the EU Council presidency by the Netherlands in The Hague.

For more information and to download a copy of the ‘Crowdfunding crossing borders – An Overview of Liability Risks Associated with Cross Border Crowdfunding Investments’ report please click here.

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