An experienced Knowledge Lawyer in the Tax Group who joined in 2019 and has spent more than half her career specialising in technical tax knowhow and training.

Veronica has extensive experience in business tax having spent much of her career as a lawyer advising businesses on a range of corporate and commercial tax issues, including the tax aspects of private equity and corporate transactions.

Having made the switch to a more technical support role she is now responsible for keeping the Tax Group up-to-date on new developments, assisting team members with technical legal issues and providing training on law and practice.

"Veronica provides a wealth of in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience to the Tax Group which helps the team navigate the complex UK and international tax landscape for corporates and multinational groups."

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I have a keen interest in tax policy and developments. In a world where tax is rapidly changing it is important that our Tax Group is at the forefront of those changes and can give advice that is clear, practical and understandable.