As a labour law lawyer in our Workforce Solutions Practice, Anna advises clients on all individual and collective employment matters and provides day-to-day support on all HR challenges.

Anna has nearly a decade of experience advising national and international clients on labour law, particularly in the IT, media, trade, logistics and industry sectors, at every stage of dealing with employees and persons engaged under civil law contracts. As part of her legal advice, Anna prepares documents concerning the establishment and termination of employment relationships, as well as internal regulations and policies regarding HR issues.

Her particular areas of expertise include employment restructuring, secondment of employees and employment audits. She is involved in matters related to international employment and legalisation of employees' stays in Poland.

Anna supports clients in all matter relating to cooperation with employee representatives and by defending companies in all kinds of labour disputes. 

She also provides employment advice in corporate transactions.

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

With sight of the increasing challenges for employers, related in particular to digitalisation or the changing concept of “work”, I am keen to assist our clients in finding and implementing new employment solutions with legal security in mind. I focus on ensuring that, in addition to comprehensive business support, mutual relations in the workplace are not forgotten.