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UK Knowledge Collection | AI's use by the judiciary and in the financial services and tech sectors, and the regulation and marketing of novel foods

Published on 2nd Feb 2024

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The use of artificial intelligence continues to set regulatory challenges across all sectors and indeed professions. Guidance has been published on the use of AI by the judiciary. It sets out examples of potential uses for the technology, as well as outlining the risks and potential mitigations.

In the financial services sector, alongside its many benefits, generative AI brings specific new risks to manage, including of information security, bias and discrimination, and accountability. Our Insight considers how the current technology-neutral regulatory framework addresses these risks. Our AI and Data Day, forming part of our Future of Financial Services week of events, explores these and other related issues.

Unsurprisingly, gen AI also features heavily in our annual Tech Trends webinar. We will discuss its ascendance, as well as other topics affecting the sector, such as the impact of ESG on tech companies and supply chain issues.

The future foods sector faces a number of novel legal hurdles, in keeping with its innovative nature. Our update looks at issues ranging from intellectual property in meat terminology, the regulatory challenges of marketing novel foods, how to get venture capital financing and what to cover in employment contracts.

Recent Insights

Pets in the UK workplace: should every dog have its day?

Businesses are increasingly recognising the wellbeing impact of pet-friendly policies on employees’ health and productivity, but what are the risks for employers to consider?
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Payment services reform poses challenge for Europe's people platforms, MSPs and payroll companies

Proposed changes to European payments legislation will tighten up an exemption relied on by many people platforms, managed service providers and payroll providers that pay workers or intermediaries in the EU.
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Future Foods Update

This month's edition includes the trends in novel food applications being made in Europe, regulatory issues around terminology and marketing, and tips on supply of service contracts, getting VC investment and employment agreements for the evolving sector.
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How AI is regulated in UK financial services today

UK financial services regulators have taken a technology-neutral approach so far to the supervision and regulation of AI. As deployment of traditional and generative AI increases, does the existing framework for FCA solo-regulated firms adequately address the risks?
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Litigation Brief | January 2024

Our latest edition includes the UK signing up to 2019 Hague Judgments Convention, judicial guidance on AI, the Court of Appeal ruling that parties can be ordered to engage in ADR and mediation, its rulings on litigation privilege and legal professional privilege, and more.
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Upcoming Events

Future of Financial Services Week | 5-9 February

AI and Data | 5 February | 09:30-16:30

Towards 'open data' | 9:30-10:30

Data subject access requests, de-banking and disputes | 12:30-13:30

The future of AI in financial services | 15:00-16:30

Regulatory Day | 6 February | 09:30-17:10 | One London Wall

Non-financial misconduct, firm culture and D&I in financial services | 09:40-10:30

The Consumer Duty and closed products: five months to D-Day | 10:30-11:20

The end of BNPL? Regulation of buy now, pay later products| 11:35-12:30

Looking West to the US: launching a regulated business in the US | 13:30-14:20

Looking East to the EU: the practical impacts of MiCAR | 14:20-15:10

PSD3 and open finance: developments in open banking and finance in the UK and Europe | 15:30-16:20

Running an international and cross-border financial services business: the challenges of regulation | 16:20-17:10

Marketing and ESG | 7 February | 09:30-16:30

Greenwashing: what's the risk? | 09:30-10:30

Navigating the FCA's Sustainability Disclosure Requirements | 12:30-13:30

Navigating ESG challenges in financial reporting | 15:30-16:30

Fundraising Day 8 February | 11:30-17:30 | One London Wall

Venture debt 101 | 11:30-12:20.

Financing fintech loan book growth | 12:30-13:20

Equity fundraising | 14:30-15:20

Fintech exits: private equity, IPOs and M&A | 15:30-16:20

Fundraising in today's environment: market trends in fintech | 16:30-17:20

Marketing and ESG | 9 February | 09:30-13:30

Financial promotions: using social media | 09:30-10:30

Green Finance in the UK: What's holding it back? | 12:30-13:30

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Annual Tech Trends
8 February | 09:00-10:15

Join our panel of experts from Deloitte and Osborne Clarke to discuss Deloitte's annual predictions for the technology sector, including the exponential rise of GenAI, how ESG affects tech companies and supply chain issues.
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How to stay well: the regulation of wellbeing products and services
20 February | 09:30-10:00

The global market for wellbeing services is booming, but regulators are struggling to keep pace with innovation. What should businesses consider when developing and launching wellness offerings?
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GDPR for HR: glance back and look forwards
21 February | 17:15-18:40 | One London Wall

This in-person seminar will look back at privacy developments over the last 12 months as well as at what is fast approaching and at the impact of all these changes on the processing of HR-related data, including workplace monitoring, whistleblowing, artificial intelligence and overseas data transfers.
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Leap forward: emerging trends in product regulation
29 February | 09:30-12:30 | One London Wall

A morning of debate and analysis to discuss the many forthcoming changes to the product safety and compliance regime in the UK and EU, followed by a networking lunch at our London Wall office.
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* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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