Managing risk in a transforming world

Managing risk is at the top of the boardroom agenda – or should be. As businesses seek to recover from the operational and economic effects of Covid-19 to date, many are having to deal with risks that are only now emerging or crystallising. Add in the uncertainty that Brexit continues to generate and you have a situation unique in modern times. In times of economic stress, commercial disputes and fraud become more prevalent, while the perceived costs and time involved in High Court litigation can put some off pursuing claims that could bring revenue into the business.

At the same time, the transformational effects of digitisation, decarbonisation and urban dynamics are disrupting business models – posing commercial and contractual risks for all sectors.

We look at how you can get out in front of the issues, allowing you to mitigate the risks and to resolve disputes with the minimum cost and disruption to the business.

Managing risk in a transforming world

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