Social elections

Setting up of the Works Council (WC)/Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPW)

Published on 17th Jun 2019

Who is on the WC and CPPW and how are they chosen?

Members of the WC/CPPW

The WC and CPPW are composed of representatives of both the workers and the employer. The employer's delegation is composed of people on the list of Excecutives (see Categories of workers). Representatives of the employer can never outnumber the workers' representatives.

Timing for the set up

The employer must convene the very first meeting of the WC and/ or of the CPPW, if none previously took place within 30 days after closing the election process. The timing for holding the first meeting after the elections can be shorter if a WC and/or CPPW were already installed after the elections of 2016 (as set up in the Internal Rules).

Members of the WC must appoint a secretary from among the employees' representatives by agreement or by the rules detailed in the Internal Rules.

Afterwards, the WC and/or CPPW must be held at least once a month.

Internal rules

Representatives of the employer and the workers must set up their own Internal Rules to ensure the due holding of the meetings and adoption of practical agreements specific to the TBU. Some joint committees have set up their own Internal Rules which are meant to serve as template in the WC, even if amendments are allowed.

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