Legal implications for the energy sector as a result of the COVID-19 state of alert in Spain

Written on 8 Apr 2020

Since Spain has been in a state of alarm, the government has drawn up various packages of social and economic measures to try to mitigate the harmful effects of COVID-19. Some of the measures adopted have legal implications in the energy sector, such as those aimed at guaranteeing the supply of energy within the national territory, the suspension of the regime of liberalisation of certain foreign investments and the extension of the validity of permits for access and connection to the electricity grids.

These measures would seek, in short, to ensure the proper functioning of a sector as relevant as the energy sector during the exceptional state of alarm in which Spain finds itself, as a result of the health crisis of COVID-19, which affects the rest of our jurisdictions in a similar way.

You can access the summary document of these measures through the following link:

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