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The Labour Deal in Belgium

Published on 14th Oct 2022

A flash update on the latest employment legislation

The Belgian federal government has approved the so called Labour Deal including measures to further boost the employment rate in Belgium and to better organise new ways of working. The measures focus definitively on more flexible ways of working to better reconcile work and private life on one hand while boosting the Belgian employment rate by focusing on enhancing the employee's skill set. In a nutshell, employees will have the possibility to perform their full time job in a four-day work week or will be able to opt for variable weekly working hours for a certain period of time (with a maximum of six months but renewable). Employees will also have the right to disconnect from work by limiting the use of ICT-applications and employees will be entitled to additional training days.

The Labour Deal includes some further measures that contribute to a dynamic labour market and that affect e-commerce activities. Read more >

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