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Regulatory Outlook

Health and safety | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

Building safety | The Building Safety Act | Fire safety


Which administrations in Spain are competent to authorise green hydrogen projects?

European and national public funds are being earmarked for green hydrogen production projects as regulations evolve

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Net zero in UK construction – where are we now?

Is the UK doing enough to decarbonise the built environment and reach its net zero targets?


UK looks to deliver natural gas and hydrogen projects for freight transport 

Non-electric transport fuels are attractive alternative power sources that need infrastructure, finance and regulation

Real Estate and Infrastructure

A look ahead for UK real estate in 2023

The new year will be a busy one – including the implementation of new regimes for overseas ownership of UK

Energy and Utilities

Energy innovation projects: Key grant funding options | January 2023

We are seeing a transformative change in how energy is generated, balanced, optimised and consumed. Innovation within the energy sector


EU agrees reforms to its carbon market

European Parliament and the Council reach political agreements to reform the emissions trading system and to prevent carbon leakage

Future of living

Should electric vehicle battery manufacturers prepare for a regulatory revolution?

The EU's Battery Regulation is on the home straight – its adoption by the European Parliament and the Council and

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Real Estate and Infrastructure

Overview of environmental obligations in real estate transactions in Flanders

Since 23 November 2022, an asbestos certificate is required when selling homes or buildings built before 2001. By 2032, every

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Overzicht van milieuverplichtingen bij vastgoedtransacties in Vlaanderen

Sinds 23 november 2022 is een asbestattest verplicht bij de verkoop van woningen en gebouwen gebouwd voor 2001. Tegen 2032

Regulatory and compliance

EU moves closer to implementing a regulation on deforestation-free supply chains

While a new regulation is anticipated to have an 18 month implementation period, businesses should start to consider the implications

Supply chains

Innovation underpins the global fashion industry's adjustment to decarbonisation

Robust IP strategies and patent protection for new innovations are vital as the industry 'greens' its supply chains