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Regulatory and compliance

Details of Bill to relax gene editing rules in UK announced

IP and devolution questions raised as Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill begins its Parliamentary process

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Cell and gene therapies: solving the skills shortage in the UK

Companies involved in developing cell and gene therapies face challenges in recruiting skilled talent fast enough to keep pace with

Life Sciences and Healthcare

The UK medical devices regime and the impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol

Life Sciences analysis: Peter Rudd-Clarke, partner, and Anna Lundy, associate director, at Osborne Clarke discuss how the medical device industry

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Updated CQC guidance has implications for the health technology and wellbeing industries

Reworked guidance reflects the evolution in models for healthcare service delivery, especially with regard to technological innovation

Intellectual property

Unitary Patents and the Unified Patent Court: FAQs

Significant changes to the patent landscape across Europe are coming, what can be expected and what can be done to

Life Sciences and Healthcare

New regulations are coming for medical devices in the UK

While we await detailed legislation, companies intending to place medical devices on the UK market can begin to prepare for

Data-driven business models

Data-driven business models: the role of legal teams in delivering success | Key findings

This infographic highlights some of the key overall findings and sector figures from our detailed report produced in partnership with

Data-driven business models

Data-driven business models: the role of legal teams in delivering success | Report

This detailed report, produced in partnership with European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA), explores the challenges and opportunities associated with new

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Approval of insomnia app for use in the NHS offers a case study for digital health developers

Opportunities are available for those that navigate the regulatory system and provide evidence of their products' efficacy and performance

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Medical device, clinical trial and safety rules reforms could boost UK life sciences

As the economy falters and NHS waiting lists grow, 2021 legislation offers wide powers to reform product rules and spur

Intellectual property

Queen's Speech bill aims to bring gene-edited plants and animals to market

The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill seeks to simplify the regulatory regime for precision-bred plants and animals

Life Sciences and Healthcare

New WTO Covid-19 vaccine IP waiver proposed

A new vaccine IP waiver proposal has been published by the WTO Director-General following informal negotiations between the EU, India