Webinar | Stock option plans in Belgium

Stock option plans in Belgium are a smart way to incentivise your workers

In today's intensely competitive labour market, and given the importance of the tax burden on employees' remuneration in Belgium, employers are looking for alternative ways to remunerate their employees. Besides more common alternative remuneration such as company cars or collective pension schemes, did you know that Belgian tax legislation also provides an advantageous tax regime applicable to qualifying stock option plans? Stock option plans are indeed an opportunity not to be missed when you aim to incentivise and build loyalty among your employees while also offering them a tax-efficient remuneration if and when your company grows in value.

This webinar will provide an overview of the most relevant stock option plans and will feature advice for employers with workforces in Belgium. The focus will be on the taxation and corporate structuring of such an employee stock option plan. From a tax perspective, we will discuss the expected new developments in this matter (in the framework of the personal income tax reform coming up) and give you all the keys to understand how a qualifying stock option plan works from tax and administrative points of view, for both the employer and the employees. From a corporate perspective, we will discuss the corporate formalities and approval process, as well as the impact on the company's capital.

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11:00 - 12:00 CET