Omar Al-Nuaimi International CEO at Osborne Clarke: 

"Osborne Clarke is united in its support for the people of Ukraine and deplores the use of violence, the violation of international law and the disregard for Ukraine's sovereignty and independence. We are working with a number of national and international humanitarian organisations to offer support through volunteering and charitable donations, and our thoughts go out to all people impacted by this conflict. 
"We will not act for any individuals or organisations that are subject to sanctions or take on new clients or matters which are inconsistent with our support for Ukraine and its people. This will result in our not taking on new clients that are owned by Russian or Belarusian individuals, corporations or by their governments, for the time being. We are evaluating all matters where we are already engaged that are linked to Russia and Belarus. We will continue to support existing clients that are seeking to exit the Russian market, where it feels right to do so. 
"We hope for a swift end to the conflict, but will continue to review our approach as the situation in Ukraine continues to develop and change."

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