The international enforcement of court judgments and arbitral awards is a complex area of practice involving the interaction between domestic law, international treaties and foreign laws.  A clear strategy, reflecting both the legal and practical pitfalls that can be encountered, is essential.  Andrew Bartlett has recently updated his chapter on devising an effective enforcement strategy as part of the ICLG Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2022 edition. 

Andrew's chapter covers the three main elements of a successful enforcement strategy: information gathering, preservation of assets and execution/enforcement against assets. It comments on some of the technical arguments and strategies typically used by debtors seeking to avoid enforcement and also deals with sovereign immunity and limitation period issues.

Andrew's insightful chapter has been updated to cover the current situation following the UK's exit from the EU and details the treaties and conventions which currently apply in the UK.

"International enforcement is an area where strategic thinking, intellectual rigour and practical experience are all essential.  This chapter is intended to give a high level overview of some of the key issues that arise, based on my experiences over the years." - Andrew Bartlett 

A link to the chapter can be found here.

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