You have successfully developed and grown in the US and now want to ensure you can maintain momentum internationally. It is an exciting and daunting time in equal measure. We bring a different approach to helping you expand your business outside of the US by offering a range of solutions, which provide certainty of costs and are designed with fast growing innovative US companies in mind. We leverage our deep sector knowledge, market intelligence, experience and project management capabilities to ensure you efficiently enter a new market while minimizing the headache of overseas laws and regulations. This allows you the time to focus on what is most important to you – growing your company. Our range of solutions and advice cover all stages of international expansion from deciding which market to enter and ensuring your corporate structure is correct through to post-market entry support designed to provide the advice you need as you establish in a new market. We also provide the practical local business advice clients need when doing business in a new market. And we go beyond this too, serving as a valued international expansion partner by helping support further international expansion for clients when the need arises.

Our solutions

Our solutions, as a minimum, focus on three key areas:

Corporate infrastructure



Establishing your overseas entity and designing the basic tax structure with your parent company. Localized-template employment contracts, guidance on employing a team outside the US and basic stock option localization. A personalized report designed as a prioritized roadmap helping you to focus on the important legal issues as you increase revenue internationally such as data protection.

Tailored to your business

Beyond the three key areas our solutions are often tailored to also focus on:


Tax efficient stock option plans

Office leases

Tax structuring

Commercial contracts

Intellectual property

Data privacy

...and more

You will also receive guidance notes and direct consultation with our US and international legal advisors as well as a dedicated "in time-zone" project manager.

The right partner

Over the years, our unique approach to international expansion has become synonymous with fast growth US businesses for helping them achieve international success. Our suite of solutions, tailored to your business, coupled with our support every step of the way, make us the obvious choice as you grow internationally.

Global Growth Solutions

Once you have achieved initial international success, our Global Growth Solutions offering is the perfect solution to help you maintain momentum and ensure your global legal priorities are managed. Our suite of services are designed to address operational challenges, growing compliance obligations and key risks that are amplified as you achieve scale globally. Find out more >

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