A view of the M&A landscape post lockdown

Written on 20 May 2020

The merger and acquisition market – as with much else – has largely paused during lockdown, but activity will resume. Our corporate team looks ahead at some of the factors that will kick-start M&A deals and how their structuring and execution are likely to differ from the pre-lockdown bull market.

Lockdown will push some investors to look for an exit and highlight those with and those without access to cash. Some could accelerate digital transformation to "future proof" their business. Others might consolidate, grow market share, or look to reassess business lines and plans.

Ahead of the return of buyer confidence, this timely overview looks at trends and changes on the M&A landscape, including earn-outs, consideration shares, debt funding, completion accounts, asset deals, due diligence, deferred consideration, tax, talent retention, insurance, and debt purchases.

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