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UK Knowledge Collection | AI in recruitment and financial services, and digital product security

Published on 10th May 2024

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The UK's principles-based framework for the regulation of artificial intelligence, as set out in the government's white paper and consultation response, is to be delivered through the UK's existing regulators. Our webinar on AI in financial services considers how regulators in that sector have responded to the government's white paper proposals and what their strategic approach will be to regulation.

While there is no overarching employment regulator for general employment matters, the Department for Science, Innovation & Technology has released guidance to help organisations that use AI in recruitment to comply with the regulatory principles. Our Insight looks at the guidance in more detail, and at the steps employers can take to minimise their risk.

Our webinar next week looks more broadly at other compliance issues facing employers, including the steps they should take to prepare for the new legal duty to prevent sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, manufacturers, importers and distributors of digital and consumer connectable products will have new obligations to protect their customers from cyber risks in both the UK and the EU, as a result of the introduction of the UK's Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022 and the adoption of the EU's Cyber Resilience Act. Our Insight provides a helpful overview of the differences between the new rules.

Recent Insights

UK government publishes guidance on responsible artificial intelligence in human resources and recruitment

Although compliance with the guidance is not mandatory, the principles outlined within it will feed into enforcement by regulators such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Information Commissioner's Office. While it primarily focuses on AI in recruitment, many of its recommendations are applicable to the use and procurement of AI throughout the employment lifecycle.
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Employment Law Coffee Break

Our update for UK employers explores reports that the Labour Party has updated its proposals to reform employment law and takes a detailed look at the Buckland Review on autism in the workplace.
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UK and EU take steps to bolster product security regimes

Businesses operating in both the UK and EU should familiarise themselves with the similarities and main differences between the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022 and the Cyber Resilience Act to ensure full compliance.
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EPR for textiles: what's on the horizon in the UK and EU?

An amendment to the Waste Framework Directive will introduce new measures to support the circular economy and reduce waste from textiles in the EU, and will have a big impact on retailers. The UK has textile waste on its radar but is yet to put its plans into action.
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Future Foods Update

A round-up of recent developments for the novel foods sector, including proposed new UK guidance on describing plant-based dairy products, Austrian cases on plant-based alternatives to meat, and Italy's ban on lab-grown meat.
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Upcoming Events

Eating Compliance for Breakfast | Conducting the data audit

14 May | 09:00-09:30

Data audits enable an organisation to understand its data flows and identify areas of poor compliance before they become an issue. What practical steps can be taken to ensure an efficient process?
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Eating Compliance for Breakfast | New UK employment laws

16 May | 09:00-09:30

The session will look at recent legislative changes, including flexible working, carers' leave and the extension of the rules around suitable alternative vacancies on redundancy, as well as the new legal duty to prevent sexual harassment and a new code on fire and re-hire.
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The Future of AI in Financial Services: where are we now and where are we going?

22 May | 13:00-14:00

An update on the financial services regulators' current strategic approach to AI.
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The future of infrastructure: is now a critical tipping point for development and investment decisions?

22 May | Institution of Mechanical Engineers, SW1 | 16:00-18:00

Lord Adonis, the former Labour transport secretary and founding chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, will set out his view on the future of the UK and European infrastructure markets, followed by a panel discussion with leading industry participants on market opportunities and networking drinks.
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Child Safety Spotlight: navigating new online safety legislation

20 June | One London Wall | 08:30-10:30

Osborne Clarke and Mason Hayes Curran host a seminar on online child safety, with a guest speaker from Ofcom. The seminar will focus on the new regulatory regimes to safeguard children in the UK and EU and what the obligations mean in practice.
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* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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