OCTV Webinars | Digitalisation | Switching to a subscription model

Written on 11 Nov 2020

One issue which the 2020 New Year predictions did get right was the rise of "Everything as a Service". Digital platforms, apps and connections make it possible to rethink how to meet customer demand. Subscription models are growing across all commercial sectors.

Whilst we're all very familiar with media and entertainment subscriptions, these are continuing to launch and innovate and evolve, and increasingly other sectors are embracing the subscription model too. For example, providing clothes as a service, switching from selling a car to offering it on a subscription basis, or even flipping from selling cups of coffee to a fixed price "all you can drink" subscription offer.

Our experts discussed the legal considerations to take into account, particularly where the end customer is a consumer, including consumer law, financial services regulation, data protection, and marketing consents.

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