International Business Expansion: Key considerations, common pitfalls and practical tips

Written on 28 Feb 2020

In an interview with June Ko, General Counsel, CircleCI,  Will Devenish and Rachael Oakley discuss the key legal considerations that in-house teams at US companies should consider before expanding their business overseas.

In particular, we highlight the cross-functional nature of international expansion, which includes entity formation, HR/employment issues, GDPR compliance and privacy law, commercial contracts, intellectual property, and a number of other practical issues where in-house attorneys can add immediate value.

This video provides guidance to business stakeholders on the key legal issues and pitfalls that arise when expanding their business overseas.  Participants will better understand how to establish a business presence in new markets (i.e., entity structure), hire a global team, comply with local laws and protect their company’s IP, amongst other key considerations.

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