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Financial Services

Financial Conduct Authority lays down clear priorities for UK payments sector

UK financial services regulator warns of 'unacceptable risk' that some payments firms pose to customers and the financial system's stability
Financial Services

New rules on advertisements for virtual currencies in Belgium 

Reforms coming into force in May will provide a new legal framework for cryptocurrency ads to protect Belgian consumers
Employment and pensions

Is there a role for cryptoassets in the future of employee remuneration in the UK?

As regulators contend with cryptoassets, their role as a form of remuneration may develop – though there are considerable legal

Blockchain in Singapore 2023: where are we now? 

Collaborative projects and regulatory developments in Singapore indicate an appetite for innovation in digital assets
Supply chains

How to protect against counterfeit goods in distressed supply chains

A clear and robust IP strategy can help to fight the recent proliferation of infringements across international trade
Real Estate and Infrastructure

A look ahead for UK real estate in 2023

The new year will be a busy one – including the implementation of new regimes for overseas ownership of UK
Financial Services

Crypto crisis begs the question in the UK: brave new world, same old problems?

Volatility and failures that hark back to the credit crunch may drive crypto regulation to protect financial stability

Tokenisation of real estate: the way forward

What is needed to bring tokenisation mainstream? The final article in this series offers a route map for implementation

Tokenisation of real estate: what are the barriers?

To succeed, tokenisation must win investor trust and comply with land law's formalities and financial regulation's rigour

Tokenisation of real estate: an untapped opportunity

What is tokenisation and what significant potential benefits could it offer?
Financial Services

VC Focus | 10 digital token 'must knows' for international venture capital

What should VCs know about investing in tokens and what could safeguard the ability to invest in them in the