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The metaverse

Brands in the metaverse: showtime for the fashion and cosmetics industry

Retail and fashion brands must adapt their branding to this new virtual world
Tech, Media and Comms

UKIPO guidance: trade mark protection for NFTs and virtual goods and services

Clarity given on classification of NFTs and virtual goods and services, including those provided in the metaverse
Future of work

What risks can augmented and virtual reality introduce into the employment life cycle?

The introduction of AR and VR technology into the workplace has significant implications for employers

Tokenisation of real estate: the way forward

What is needed to bring tokenisation mainstream? The final article in this series offers a route map for implementation
Financial Services

VC Focus | 10 digital token 'must knows' for international venture capital

What should VCs know about investing in tokens and what could safeguard the ability to invest in them in the
The metaverse

Virtual tops, real trademarks: how in the US and Europe to navigate fashion IP in the metaverse

Defenses for brand owners include trademarks for real and virtual uses, robust policing, and licensing and usage terms
Tech, Media and Comms

European institutions contemplate the metaverse and its policy challenges

European Parliament Research Service paper considers regulation by adapting the existing digital world policy framework


Will AI be a game changer for the sports industry?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in sport, but it is not yet clear how looming regulation will affect the sector
Data-driven business models

Rethinking regulation of data-driven digital platforms

The European Union is about to enact the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act. Both are focused on reshaping
The metaverse

The metaverse and artificial intelligence: the 'IP is everywhere' problem

Almost all of the metaverse is likely to be someone's intellectual property, which raises issues around AI and the use
Tech, Media and Comms

IP and the metaverse: ownership and infringement of rights

Platform operators will need to have tools and measures in place that allow them to put an end to infringements