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ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

Playing fair to save the planet: when UK and EU competition law meets sustainability

How competition law is adapting to the growing demand for sustainable business collaborations
Regulatory and compliance

New guidance issued on tackling modern slavery in UK government supply chains

Further step towards businesses needing to address modern slavery risks in their supply chains
Regulatory Outlook

Environmental, social and governance | UK Regulatory Outlook February 2023

Government confirms it will introduce legislation to tackle illegal deforestation in supply chains | Government outlines how to tackle modern
Regulatory Outlook

Modern slavery | UK Regulatory Outlook February 2023

Government outlines how to tackle modern slavery risks in government supply chains
Supply chains

How to manage distress in UK construction supply chains

Spotting the warning signs of distress in your construction supply chain and taking early action can significantly reduce the impact

How is international rivalry driving green industrial policy? The European response to the US Inflation Reduction Act

The Act has fundamentally changed the terms of debate on clean energy funding and supply chains in the US and
Regulatory Outlook

Modern slavery | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

Tesco faces lawsuit in UK for unjust enrichment and negligence in Thai clothing factory | European regulation prohibiting products produced

UK looks to deliver natural gas and hydrogen projects for freight transport 

Non-electric transport fuels are attractive alternative power sources that need infrastructure, finance and regulation
Supply chains

Distressed Supply Chains | Managing Risk

Global supply chain challenges have increased the risk of financial and operational distress among suppliers. Financial instability or even insolvency
Supply chains

How to protect against counterfeit goods in distressed supply chains

A clear and robust IP strategy can help to fight the recent proliferation of infringements across international trade
Regulatory and compliance

EU moves closer to implementing a regulation on deforestation-free supply chains

While a new regulation is anticipated to have an 18 month implementation period, businesses should start to consider the implications
Supply chains

Innovation underpins the global fashion industry's adjustment to decarbonisation

Robust IP strategies and patent protection for new innovations are vital as the industry 'greens' its supply chains