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ESG, sustainability and responsible business

EU strengthens its arsenal in fight against environmental crime

Revised legislation brings in 'qualified' offences to criminalise serious environmental damage and replaces the 2008 law
Real estate

English County Court rules against landlord opposing statutory renewal lease on 'ground f'

A tenant can temporarily vacate part of the premises affected by the works to defeat a landlord's opposition
ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

What is natural capital and what does it mean for investors and lenders in the UK and Europe ?

While some natural capital-related regulatory requirements may currently only be voluntary, or not yet catch financial institutions, there may be
Regulatory Outlook

Health and safety | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2024

Building Safety Act update: transition period coming to an end | New Occupational Health Taskforce | RIDDOR review
Regulatory Outlook

Environment | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2024

BNG requirements for small sites come into effect from April 2024 | Extended producer responsibility for packaging waste: reporting changes

Under Construction: Legal developments within the UK Construction Industry | March 2024

Significant remediation contribution order awarded against building owner, Building Safety Levy, biodiversity net gain, and the 'Long Term Plan for
The Built Environment

UK HMRC changes its view on VAT recovery of cladding remediation works

Housebuilders that have voluntarily carried out cladding remediation work welcome HMRC's change of stance

Spring Budget 2024: UK government confirms introduction of the Reserved Investor Fund – albeit in restricted form

The new investment fund vehicle could increase the attractiveness of the UK for real estate funds
The Built Environment

Spring Budget 2024: Chancellor ends multiple dwellings relief for stamp duty land tax

Following HMRC's evaluation that it no longer meets its original objectives and is open to abuse, the relief will be
Real estate

Short-term lets in England required to obtain planning permission 'from this summer'

New restrictions on the use of short-term rental residential properties will aim to increase housing supply
Real estate

Long-term land interests and housebuilding: what can be unpacked from the UK CMA's industry findings?

The competition regulator has also launched a follow-up investigation this year into information sharing
Real estate

UK Upper Tribunal confirms 'period of reasonable belief' requirement for adverse possession

There must be 10 years of reasonable belief of land ownership immediately prior to the date of application