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UK Landlord and Tenant: Why an overhaul of the 1954 Act is a risky business

Osborne Clarke property disputes partner, Kate New, writes for leading real estate title, EG, on the government's proposals to review

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Final call to prepare for tightened energy efficiency rules for UK commercial property

Landlords have one month to comply before sub-standard EPC ratings become unlawful for existing lettings from April 2023
Regulatory Outlook

Environment | UK Regulatory Outlook February 2023

Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 | Environmental Targets (Biodiversity) (England) Regulations 2023 | Prime minister creates new Department of Energy Security
Real estate

Spain's government approves the Right to Housing Bill

What measures and new concepts stand out in the framework of the regulation?
Urban Dynamics

'Senior living' in the UK : what are the benefits of (and barriers to) development?

Senior living developments present an opportunity to meet demand, ease the healthcare and housing crises and decarbonise the housing sector
Real estate

UK Supreme Court reinstates residential landlords' discretion to apportion service charges 

Unanimous decision limits the role of the First-Tier Tribunal to reviewing contractual and statutory legitimacy
Real estate

Jersey Property Unit Trusts may now need to be on HMRC's trust register

Guidance for unauthorised unit trusts including JPUTs changed on 31 January
Real Estate and Infrastructure

Playbook sets out proposed ethical standards for use of real estate data

As the real estate industry’s digital transformation continues at pace, the utilisation of the data generated from users of the
Supply chains

How to manage distress in UK construction supply chains

Spotting the warning signs of distress in your construction supply chain and taking early action can significantly reduce the impact
Real Estate and Infrastructure

UK Supreme Court rules in favour of apartment owners in nuisance dispute with Tate Modern

Majority decision draws distinction between 'overlooking' and 'visual intrusions' in private nuisance claims
Regulatory Outlook

Environment | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

European Commission's proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation | Deposit return schemes start to go live in the UK |
Real Estate and Infrastructure

New UK telecommunications infrastructure law brings changes to the Electronic Communications Code

Significant changes for network operators and site providers expected throughout 2023