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Regulatory Outlook

Bribery, fraud and anti-money laundering | UK Regulatory Outlook September 2023

SRA updates guidance on law firm risk assessments | FCA launches review of treatment of Politically Exposed Persons | HMRC
IT and data

What will the new UK-US data bridge mean for transatlantic data flows?

The extension is positive but will require businesses on both sides of the Atlantic to check they meet all requirements

What is the general discretion of the court regarding the sanctioning of English restructuring plans?

Even if the statutory conditions for cramming down the votes of dissenting creditors has been met, the court retains a
Real estate

Under Construction: A round-up of recent legal developments within the construction industry

Government provides detail of new building safety regime, developer claims for historic defects, dispute avoidance through risk management.

When are dissenting creditors 'no worse off' under an English restructuring plan?

Demonstrating that dissenting creditors are no worse off under a contested restructuring plan than in the relevant alternative is an
Sanctions, ownership and related issues

UK OFSI issues first 'disclosure notice' censuring sanctions breach

Decision provides guidance on compliance as Financial Conduct Authority issues its own sanctions-compliance findings
Dispute resolution

Twelve tips for a successful mediation

Mediation can provide a way to actively manage risk arising from disputes, and businesses need to be aware of how
Real estate

Why preconditions are critical to lease breaks in England and Wales

When tenants want to break a lease, landlords often have recourse to the way it is drafted and the preconditions
Real estate

UK Court of Appeal brings clarity to provisions of the Building Safety Act

Construction sector and developers get more certainty on post-Grenfell safety work issues from URS v BDW ruling

How the courts have analysed the 'relevant alternative' in an English restructuring plan

Demonstrating what would most likely happen if a restructuring plan were not sanctioned is an essential element for the exercise

How might a restructuring plan provide an alternative to formal insolvency in England and Wales?

Restructuring plans can provide companies in the early stages of financial difficulty with a flexible alternative to entering a formal

Singapore’s central bank finalises regulatory approach to stablecoins

The regulations target issuers and intermediaries in Singapore and systemic stablecoin arrangement entities