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Financial Services

Financial Conduct Authority lays down clear priorities for UK payments sector

UK financial services regulator warns of 'unacceptable risk' that some payments firms pose to customers and the financial system's stability
Dispute resolution

Spain's Supreme Court gives clarity on reduced award amounts in rulings and paying interest

A lack of arithmetic coincidence between an amount requested and awarded doesn't prevent the payment of interest
Dispute resolution

Debt recovery and navigating insolvency: what are the options for commercial UK landlords?

There are many practical steps, pitfalls and strategies available for recovering commercial rent arrears, both before and after tenant insolvency

Audit rights: an 'after Paddington' drafting checklist for keeping clauses clear

Tips on what drafting issues should be considered by the party that is more likely to be audited
Dispute resolution

Choice of courts: Are asymmetric jurisdiction clauses still a good idea post-Brexit?

Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses bring with them new risks in an EU context, to be weighed on a deal-by-deal basis –
Regulatory Outlook

Bribery, fraud and anti-money laundering | UK Regulatory Outlook February 2023

Companies House preparing to enforce Register of Overseas Entities | Update on Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill

New ADR guidance, decision on 'staleness', approach to 'warehousing' claims. 

Mediation for UK tax disputes: HMRC publishes new ADR guidance
Dispute resolution

Judicial impartiality and intimate friendship as grounds for disqualification in Spain

Appearances are important because the confidence of litigants in the courts of a democratic society is at stake
Real estate

UK Supreme Court reinstates residential landlords' discretion to apportion service charges 

Unanimous decision limits the role of the First-Tier Tribunal to reviewing contractual and statutory legitimacy
Intellectual property

Unified Patent Court: the basics

The UPC will soon be operational and getting to grips with the basics of how it operates is essential
Dispute resolution

Mediation for UK tax disputes: HMRC publishes new ADR guidance

The commitment of HMRC to alternative dispute resolution is welcome but flexibility in mediation and settlement is vital

Supply chains

How to manage distress in UK construction supply chains

Spotting the warning signs of distress in your construction supply chain and taking early action can significantly reduce the impact