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Dispute resolution

English High Court considers 'balance of convenience' in Sparta damages ruling

The decision demonstrates how disputes about restrictive covenants are highly fact sensitive and evidence based
Regulatory and compliance

UK government unveils draft procurement regulations for public sector bids

Authorities and suppliers will need to keep an eye on information published about procurements and resulting contracts
Financial Services

UK FCA reaffirms tackling financial crime as a top priority

The financial regulator has set out areas of focus for preventing and reducing financial crime in 2024
Regulatory Outlook

Bribery, fraud and anti-money laundering | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2024

The Payment Services (Amendment) Regulations 2024 | ECCTA 2023 explanatory notes | Government updates AI-powered fraud detection tool with sanctions
Regulatory and compliance

District Court of Amsterdam declares green claims of KLM misleading and unlawful

First Dutch greenwashing case brought in a class action on the legality of advertising statements
Dispute resolution

New changes in the Spanish civil procedure are effective from 20 March

A series of far-reaching changes in the procedural system will have a significant impact on the daily work of professionals
Dispute resolution

UK sanctions against Russia two years on – how have things changed?

In this video, Nick Price and Kristian Assirati discuss how the regime has developed, its impact on businesses and OFSI's

Belgium reforms its Civil Code with changes to extra-contractual liability

As Book 6 is comprehensively updated – what are the main changes?
Dispute resolution

Spanish companies can be summoned electronically from 20 March

Measures for an effective control of the electronic judicial platforms should be taken immediately
Tech, Media and Comms

Digital ad ruling by CJEU finds IAB Europe 'joint controller' for consent in TCF processing

Businesses relying on the online advertising framework may need to amend policies and user-facing information
Dispute resolution

Breach of duty is not enough to bring a claim for negligence in England

High Court decision serves as reminder that a claimant must prove all constituent elements of a claim in negligence

UK financial institution notices: HMRC doubles down on customer location and employee data

HMRC's report provides several important updates for financial institutions on its use of information notices