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Regulatory and compliance

CMA investigations to extend to consumer product 'green' claims in UK

Ongoing drive to tackle greenwashing and misleading claims means businesses - including food, toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products - should

Intellectual property

Unified Patent Court: an introduction to the UPC's general jurisdiction

Knowing the UPC's competence and international jurisdiction rules is vital to understand what it can hear and reach

Retail and Consumer

Poland's Office of Competition and Consumer Protection investigates 'dark patterns'

Entrepreneurs can be fined up to 10% of their turnover for violating the collective interests of consumers


European producers given greater obligations to decarbonise with extended producer responsibility and greenwashing regulation

What sustainability-led producer and advertising obligations are on the horizon for businesses in France, Poland and the UK?

Regulatory Outlook

Competition | UK Regulatory Outlook November 2022

New UK rules on subsidy control to take effect from 4 January 2023 | Cloud gaming and mobile browsers |

Regulatory and compliance

UK Procurement Bill aims to strengthen transparency in supply chains

Greater scrutiny is proposed of bidders' subcontractors and the social value and environmental credentials of tenders


UK regulators ask how AI and Big Tech can transform financial services

Is reform needed following Big Tech's entry into financial services and the introduction of AI and machine learning?

Competition, antitrust and trade

UK to legislate to empower Digital Markets Unit and to protect consumers

The government will update consumer law and equip the new unit with powers to regulate powerful digital firms

Competition, antitrust and trade

Amazon buy box unpacked as £900 million claim to be brought against it

Amazon will face increasing scrutiny following a collective action over its Buy Box practices

Regulatory Outlook

Competition | UK Regulatory Outlook October 2022

EU: Digital Markets Act | Ofcom market study into cloud services | DRCF publishes response to call for inputs on

Competition, antitrust and trade

EU rules for 'gatekeepers' coming in 2023 as Digital Markets Act is published

Significant change in competition legislation will affect all players active in digital markets

Regulatory Outlook

Consumer credit and payments | Regulatory Outlook September 2022

UK financial watchdog tells firms to review 'buy now, pay later' promotions