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Intellectual property

Hosting third-party products could make online marketplaces liable for trade mark infringement

CJEU opens way for national courts to find website operators liable for trade mark infringement by third-party products

Dark Patterns

European consumer protection watchdogs publish 'dark patterns' statistics

National authorities will take action after two-fifths of almost 400 sites were found to rely on manipulative practices


Interpreting audit rights in England and Wales when 'the milk of human kindness has long since evaporated'

High Court casts helpful light on the scope of audit clauses in dispute over royalty distribution agreement involving Paddington Bear

Retail and Consumer

What's new in the fashion industry? The view from Poland

The fashion industry as a big, fast-growing sector faces a range of regulatory challenges in 2023

Regulatory Outlook

Consumer law | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

UK consumer law reform | Dark patterns enforcement | Fitness check of EU consumer law

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Regulatory and compliance

CMA investigations to extend to consumer product 'green' claims in UK

Ongoing drive to tackle greenwashing and misleading claims means businesses - including food, toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products - should

Strategic Tech Investments and M&A

Turn it up a notch: EU regulatory hurdles in M&A transactions are getting even tougher

The Regulation (EU) 2022/2560 on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market (EU FSR) has been adopted by the European Parliament


2023 predictions: What's on the horizon for US businesses operating in Europe?

By staying ahead of the curve and preparing for changes, US businesses can remain competitive and successful in Europe

Financial Services

Confirmation of payee: a valuable international tool in the fight against fraud?

UK and Netherlands adoption will help combat payment fraud domestically but a lack of international uptake is worrying

Retail and Consumer

UK develops thinking on consumer credit law reform but manages expectations

Despite a strong case for reform, the complexities of a 50-year-old regime mean that change will take several years

Retail and Consumer

Poland's Office of Competition and Consumer Protection investigates 'dark patterns'

Entrepreneurs can be fined up to 10% of their turnover for violating the collective interests of consumers

Real estate

Business rates in 2023 to shake up statutory compensation in UK lease renewals

Changes to rateable values will affect what is payable when terminating leases under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954