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New directive threatens the use of self-employed contractor models in Europe

Many staffing companies, AOR/EORs and platforms may need to start planning changes to their commercial models soon

Workforce Solutions

Germany's immigration reforms look to boost skilled worker supply

Work is underway to simplify immigration rules for skilled workers with the draft law's main points published

Employment and pensions

The High Court of Justice of Madrid declares null and void a dismissal on grounds of age

The High Court of Justice of Madrid condemns a tech company in España for infringing the fundamental right to non-discrimination

Regulatory Outlook

Employment and immigration | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

Growing use of employers of record: regulatory aspects to consider | Labour supply chain risk: regulatory updates to expect |

Employment and pensions

HR pensions spotlight: cost of living and pensions – how can you support your employees?

Seven steps for employers to support employees to help keep retirement plans on track

Employment and pensions

What's on the horizon in 2023 for global HR?

HR is faced with a constant challenge to foresee, adapt and respond to new ways in which people want and

Employment and pensions

UK government consults on calculating holiday entitlement for part-year and irregular-hours workers

Holiday entitlement and pay remain a complicated area for irregular-hours, agency and part-year workers


2023 predictions: What's on the horizon for US businesses operating in Europe?

By staying ahead of the curve and preparing for changes, US businesses can remain competitive and successful in Europe

Employment and pensions

Poland amends Labour Code on remote work

The Sejm has passed an amendment to the Labour Code introducing regulations on remote work. Below is a brief summary

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Regulatory Outlook

Employment and immigration | UK Regulatory Outlook November 2022

Are new employment laws on the cards? | ICO guidance on how to use AI and personal data appropriately and

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Employment and pensions

Poland's electronic employment contracts: is it possible?

If an employee does not have a qualified e-signature, a combination of digital and "wet ink" versions could be used

Employment and pensions

What are the restrictions on employees' working time in Poland?

Employers are required to have a broad knowledge of regulations related to the working time of employees