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UK government makes announcement on tackling non-compliance in the 'umbrella' companies market

Guidance due later this year will support workers and businesses using umbrellas, including an online pay-checking tool
Employment and pensions

How to bridge the gap in gender pay in the Netherlands to avoid surprises

Employers should prepare for impending legislation to avoid only having the option of upping salaries to bridge the gap
Workforce Solutions

EU agrees watered-down Platform Workers Directive – what will platforms and staffing companies need to prepare for?

The measures are not as far-reaching as once expected, but it may become easier for a wide range of gig
Employment and pensions

UK Employment Law Coffee Break: Labour's employment proposals, TUPE and harassment, and our latest GDPR for HR seminar

Welcome to our latest Coffee Break in which we look at the latest legal and practical employment law developments impacting
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What would Labour do? Proposal for bill on temporary staffing, gig working and contracting

Will a new Labour government in the UK change the world of temporary staffing, gig working and contracting within 100
Financial Services

Payment services reform poses challenge for Europe's people platforms, MSPs and payroll companies

Those that have relied on the commercial agent exemption will need to revisit their business models to remain compliant
Employment and pensions

News on employment contract termination and permanent disability in Spain

The Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") has declared that the automatic termination of an employment contract due
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EU Platform Work Directive: deal reached on new rules to classify status of platform workers and automated decision-making

Significant changes to employment rights for platform workers likely to affect numerous sectors
Workforce Solutions

Dutch Supreme Court ruling has major implications for hirers of temp workers

Any decision to hire a group of temporary workers requires prior advice from the works council

Autumn Statement 2023: what business tax measures can the UK expect?

Immediate tax cuts and giveaways are unlikely to feature in the chancellor's statement on 22 November
Employment and pensions

Business protection in the employment lifecycle: what US businesses with global employees need to know

The employment lifecycle offers various touchpoints for potential risk, from onboarding to exit