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Banking and finance

France's financial watchdog lays out stance on money laundering for cryptos

ACPR has published its sectoral application principles on anti-money laundering and financing terrorism for digital asset service providers

Regulatory Outlook

Fintech, digital assets, payments and consumer credit | UK Regulatory Outlook January 2023

Edinburgh reforms | Extending confirmation of payee service to additional payment service providers | Measures to combat authorised push payment

Financial Services

Banks' anti-money laundering failures targeted by the UK FCA in New Year clamp down

The financial regulator's opening salvo of enforcement action highlights a range of AML shortcomings at UK banks

Strategic Tech Investments and M&A

Turn it up a notch: EU regulatory hurdles in M&A transactions are getting even tougher

The Regulation (EU) 2022/2560 on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market (EU FSR) has been adopted by the European Parliament


2023 predictions: What's on the horizon for US businesses operating in Europe?

By staying ahead of the curve and preparing for changes, US businesses can remain competitive and successful in Europe

Financial Services

Investment funds and asset management: the international road ahead for 2023

What UK, EU and international legislative and non-legislative developments can be expected over the next 12 months?

Knowledge Notes

UK business law predictions for 2023

As the new year unfolds, we look ahead at what legal developments businesses can expect

ESG, sustainability and responsible business

FCA announces plan to develop a code of conduct for ESG data and ratings providers in UK

Regulator's growing focus on ESG continues with concerns over the subjective nature of sustainability data and greenwashing risk


VC Focus | How companies can successfully navigate the VC investment process

Securing investment from VCs can be disruptive and slow – but there are things that can be done to ease

Financial Services

Confirmation of payee: a valuable international tool in the fight against fraud?

UK and Netherlands adoption will help combat payment fraud domestically but a lack of international uptake is worrying

Financial Services

Spain extends guarantee lines to counter economic impact of the war in Ukraine

The €5 bn facility is divided into €3.5 bn for SMEs and the self-employed and €1.5 bn for larger companies

Financial Services

EU financial services firms face tougher cybersecurity rules in two years

The European authorities have adopted rules on digital operational resilience to tackle risks and harmonise requirements