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Banking and finance

English High Court clarifies the consent requirements for administration extensions under Insolvency Act

Consent of secured creditors with no remaining economic interest is not needed to extend the administration of a company
IT and data

Cyber attack on a UK staffing company:  a 'war story'

What lessons can workforce solutions companies draw from a recent ransomware attack that likely affected 250,000 people?
Financial Services

Authorised push payment frauds in England: are receiving banks in the line of fire?

Two recent English High Court judgments have focused attention on the role of receiving banks where a customer of a

What would a UK Labour government mean for tax disputes?

Labour's plans for closing the tax gap suggest that taxpayers may face an increasingly aggressive HMRC
Regulatory Outlook

Bribery, fraud and anti-money laundering | UK Regulatory Outlook May 2024

HM Treasury publishes AML/CTF supervision report | JMLSG consults on revisions to AML/CTF guidance
Regulatory and compliance

Could the UK Health and Safety Executive take a leaf out of the Environment Agency’s enforcement book?

Health and safety enforcement is evolving with an eye on the approach of other regulators
Knowledge Notes

Finishing Parliamentary business in the 'wash-up' ahead of UK general election: what legislation has survived and what has fallen?

Prorogation brought Parliamentary business to an end, meaning all draft legislation not passed is lost
Dispute resolution

New role proposed for alternative dispute resolution in Spanish civil court system

A bill discussed in Congress proposes that parties first attempt ADR before filing a legal claim
Dispute resolution

SRA warns claims management law firms in England and Wales about high-volume financial services claims

Guidance emphasises importance of acting in line with expected professional standards
Dispute resolution

Conflicts of interest in international arbitration: updates to the IBA Guidelines

The International Bar Association proposes updating the Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration for the first time in
Dispute resolution

English litigation toolkit: how a typical English High Court contractual claim is dealt with

Osborne Clarke's litigation toolkit includes timescale, cost, proving the case, enforcement, settlement and considers the advantages of English law and