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English High Court criticises and clarifies the 'shareholder principle' of privilege

A ruling has cast doubt on the justification for a long-standing principle of the law of privilege against shareholders

Insurance broker negligence: what do brokers in the UK need to ask their clients?

A recent ruling explored how far a broker is liable to its client if it failed to advise on the
Real estate

Hidden defects in real estate transactions in Belgium: an update based on recent case law

What are the recent developments around hidden defects, sellers' duties to inform, claims periods, and more?
Dispute resolution

Mandatory mediation has been ushered in to England and Wales

Court of Appeal delivers its long-awaited judgment on whether courts can order non-court dispute resolution
Regulatory Outlook

Bribery, fraud and anti-money laundering | UK Regulatory Outlook November 2023

Criminal Justice Bill introduced in Commons | Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act commencement regulations | FCA publishes multi-firm review
Regulatory and compliance

Direct awards get post-pandemic overhaul under the new UK Procurement Act

UK ministers have been given sweeping new powers to bypass procurement rules to 'protect life'
Dispute resolution

National Security Act 2023 creates new specific criminal liability risk for managers of businesses in UK

New UK law introduced to combat espionage and malign foreign influence extends liability to senior managers of organisations that commit
Financial Services

Is the UK's PPI claim door still open? 'Deliberate concealment' and limitation periods

The Supreme Court holds that there is no need for a 'duty of disclosure' for there to be 'deliberate concealment'
Online Safety

The UK Online Safety Act: Top 10 takeaways for online service providers

What are the key points to be aware of and how will it work in practice?
Dispute resolution

Corporate crime in sport: How the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act impacts sports organisations

In this article Jeremy Summers and Jim Sturman KC of 2 Bedford Row analyse the effect of the new law
Financial Services

FCA identifies UK industry failings in response to financial crime

Firms reminded to improve risk mitigation and customer support against authorised push payment fraud attacks