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IT and data

Cyber attack on a UK staffing company:  a 'war story'

What lessons can workforce solutions companies draw from a recent ransomware attack that likely affected 250,000 people?

Marketinglaw: April and May 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Marketinglaw.
Regulatory Outlook

Advertising and marketing | UK Regulatory Outlook May 2024

ASA publishes outcome of its consumer research into environmental claims in food advertising | ASA publishes new guidance on ad
Knowledge Notes

Finishing Parliamentary business in the 'wash-up' ahead of UK general election: what legislation has survived and what has fallen?

Prorogation brought Parliamentary business to an end, meaning all draft legislation not passed is lost
Tech, Media and Comms

UK and EU take steps to bolster product security regimes

Businesses need to know their obligations under parallel cybersecurity legislation for digital and connectable products
Retail and Consumer

EPR for textiles: what's on the horizon in the UK and EU?

EU legislation to introduce extended producer responsibility is progressing and will mark a huge change for retailers
Urban Dynamics

Future Foods Update | May 2024

This edition includes new UK guidance on plant-based dairy products, an Austrian case on naming plant-based products, and EU developments
Dispute resolution

UK government introduces bill to reverse the effect of Paccar

The future looks bright for litigation funding in England and Wales
Future-proofing supply chains

UK and global cyber threats require robust supply chain risk management

New cyber security legislation has reinforced the protection of organisations and the need to reassess strategies
Retail and Consumer

"Shrinkflation": A new obligation for distributors regarding the display of their products

What is "Shrinkflation"? Shrinkflation is a commercial practice which consists of reducing the size of a product while maintaining or
Managing greenwashing risk

UK FCA confirms final guidance to accompany anti-greenwashing rule

Firms should review all communications that refer to the sustainability characteristics of products and services

Belgium's new Civil Code introduces new extracontractual liability for auxiliary persons

Businesses will need to address their liability concerns around auxiliary persons, including directors and employees