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Financial Services

Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets provides guidance on conducting scenario analysis

AFM's guidelines, designed to support adequate product governance, are open for consultation until 7 June
Financial Services

Portfolio managers will be covered by the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements

The UK regulator proposes to apply a similar approach in the near future to portfolio managers as for fund managers
Dispute resolution

SRA warns claims management law firms in England and Wales about high-volume financial services claims

Guidance emphasises importance of acting in line with expected professional standards
Financial Services

International Funds Legal Update | 10 May 2024

Updates on authorisation applications, asset managers in full review mode and help has arrived on the new SEC rules
Digital Regulation

Classification of crypto-assets: key aspects to consider

Crypto-assets may be subject to different regulations, and properly assessing the legal landscape of crypto-assets is essential for companies operating
Managing greenwashing risk

UK FCA confirms final guidance to accompany anti-greenwashing rule

Firms should review all communications that refer to the sustainability characteristics of products and services
Regulatory Outlook

Fintech, digital assets, payments and consumer credit | UK Regulatory Outlook April 2024

HM Treasury policy note on delaying payments processing and draft amending regulations | HM Treasury policy note on amending payment
Financial Services

Funds Focus | First quarter 2024

Welcome to this year's first edition of Funds Focus
Financial Services

UK FCA guidance leaves little creative freedom for financial promotions online

Firms need to comply with both financial and advertising regulators as scrutiny of social media intensifies
Financial Services

International Funds Legal Update | 19 April 2024

UK authorised funds rules amends and tokenisation progress, and EU marketing, disclosure and investment rules updates
Dispute resolution

English High Court considers 'balance of convenience' in Sparta damages ruling

The decision demonstrates how disputes about restrictive covenants are highly fact sensitive and evidence based
ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

What is natural capital and what does it mean for investors and lenders in the UK and Europe?

While some natural capital-related regulatory requirements may currently only be voluntary, or not yet catch financial institutions, there may be