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Dispute resolution

New report shows accelerating rate of climate change litigation cases worldwide

Global trends in climate change litigation reveal a diverse range of causes of action across many sectors. What might this

Dispute resolution

Diversity, sustainability and the spectre of climate change: how the arbitration community can lead the way

Leading arbitrator Lucy Greenwood calls for action to address the efficiency, equality and environmental challenges facing the arbitration community in

Real estate

New powers granted to police to deal with unauthorised encampments on open land with vehicles

Landowners and local authorities are likely to welcome having an additional method of recourse, through criminal enforcement channels, when faced

Distressed supply chains

Distressed supply chains – how can suppliers protect their position?

Clear drafting on liability and force majeure can assist suppliers under strain

Real estate

Collateral warranties and the right to adjudicate – 'construction contracts' after all?

Court of Appeal reverses first instance decision in Abbey Healthcare v Simply Construct, finding that a collateral warranty was in


UK Insolvency Service publishes interim report on the effectiveness of measures introduced by the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

The Insolvency Service is satisfied that the restructuring plan and moratorium processes are broadly meeting their policy objectives – and

Dispute resolution

Suspicious activity reports: UK Financial Intelligence Unit issues new guidance

New codes have been published to help enforcement agencies combat money laundering and terrorist financing

Dispute resolution

Corporate criminal liability: the Law Commission considers how to apportion fault

The Law Commission has set out options for reforms, after considering the challenges faced by the criminal justice system in

Sanctions, ownership and related issues

Sanctions update: strict liability test comes into force with revised guidance from OFSI

UK regulator OFSI sets out its approach to new rules imposing a strict liability test for breaching the sanctions regime

Data-driven business models

How to respond to a ransomware attack – an illustrative example

Cyber attacks have become a fact of life. They are a persistent and real risk for any business, with the

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Dispute resolution

Broadening range of sectors are facing increasing climate change litigation worldwide

It is not just 'carbon majors' that are being sued for climate change-related damage around the world: directors of companies

Energy and Utilities

What does the Energy Profits Levy mean for the UK energy sector?

How will the tax will be levied and what will be the likely impact on electricity generators, including renewable generators?