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Competition, antitrust and trade

Formula One races to resolve legacy issues around competition law

The competitiveness on and off the track of the world's most watched motorsport remains a focus for its global audience

Data-driven business models

How to respond to a ransomware attack – an illustrative example

Cyber attacks have become a fact of life. They are a persistent and real risk for any business, with the

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Data-driven business models

Regulating data-powered artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly powerful and pervasive tool being used to boost productivity across all sectors. Data is

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Data-driven business models

Data-driven business models: the role of legal teams in delivering success | Key findings

This infographic highlights some of the key overall findings and sector figures from our detailed report produced in partnership with

Data-driven business models

Data-driven business models: the role of legal teams in delivering success | Report

This detailed report, produced in partnership with European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA), explores the challenges and opportunities associated with new

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Approval of insomnia app for use in the NHS offers a case study for digital health developers

Opportunities are available for those that navigate the regulatory system and provide evidence of their products' efficacy and performance

Tech, Media and Comms

The metaverse and artificial intelligence: the 'IP is everywhere' problem

Almost all of the metaverse is likely to be someone's intellectual property, which raises issues around AI and the use


UK Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum invites views on algorithmic processing papers

Businesses should seize the opportunity to influence the future of the regulatory approach to algorithmic processing in the UK as

Regulatory and compliance

UK government delays introduction of restrictions on foods high in fat, salt and sugar

Changes in deadlines for implementation will have significant implications for businesses planning compliance measures

Regulatory Outlook

Regulatory Outlook | May 2022

Welcome to the Regulatory Outlook, providing you with high-level summaries of important forthcoming regulatory developments to help you navigate the

Tech, Media and Comms

EU gets one step closer to adopting the Digital Services Act

New regulation of digital services expected to come into force for all businesses in late 2023

Regulatory and compliance

The Queen's Speech - Data Reform Bill announced

UK government heralds next step in process of diverging from EU data protection regime, but extent of divergence not yet

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