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Break up with fast fashion: EU and US view on sustainability and circular fashion

The EU is calling for an end to fast fashion by 2030. Many initiatives have emerged in Europe in particular, and in March 2022, the European Commission launched the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. This new strategy – as part of the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan – sets out how textile products on the EU market will be free of hazardous substances and produced in respect of social rights and the environment. Instead of maintaining fast fashion, companies should adopt a new code: produce less, pay more, design better and to last longer.

The specific measures will include ecodesign requirements for textiles and a mandatory EU extended producer responsibility scheme. What has changed and what are the legal challenges for fashion firms both in the EU and the USA? What is the reaction to the ongoing changes from a US perspective? What current requirements do you have to observe in the USA and what are the main differences between EU and US regulations on sustainability issues?

In this session our guest speaker Felicia A. Xu, attorney at ArentFox Schiff LLP, will discuss with our legal experts from Germany and Poland on

  • the objectives and timeline of the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles
  • the current proposal for the ecodesign regulation and its major changes
  • US perspective on the changes andcurrent requirements within the USA
  • the impact on the fashion industry in Europe and the USA

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