We are aiming for gender diversity within all teams and at every level of the firm – lawyers and business services.]

Our core focus is to improve gender diversity at the most junior and the most senior levels of the firm. In particular, increasing female representation in senior and leadership roles, and increasing male representation in our more entry level roles. Although two thirds of our workforce are women, only 23% of our Partners are women. Our challenge is to retain and promote the talent we have at the middle-layer of our career paths in both legal and non-legal roles, and bring people through to more senior positions, irrespective of gender.

To help us meet these challenges we have signed up to the Law Society’s Women in Law Pledge and will be publishing our gender action plan in 2021.

Gender pay gap

Our gender pay gap report looks at the average difference in hourly earnings between men and women within our organisation. The report also covers our partner and ethnicity pay gaps and what we are doing to take the business forward. Find out more

Download the 2020 report [PDF]

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