When we refer to “Osborne Clarke” we are referring to one or more of the member entities of Osborne Clarke Verein, a Swiss verein. Osborne Clarke Verein does not itself provide legal or any other services to clients. A list of the member entities (each an “Osborne Clarke Verein Member”) is set out below.

1. Osborne Clarke LLP (England), a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC397443 whose registered office is at One London Wall, London EC2Y 5EB, UK. It is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is registered as a recognised body with SRA number 619990;

2. Osborne Clarke Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Partnerschaft mit beschränkter Berufshaftung (Germany), a professional services partnership with limited professional liability established under German law (and registered in the partnership register of Amtsgericht Essen under number PR 3776) whose principal place of business is Innere Kanalstr. 15, D-50823 Köln, Germany;

3. Osborne Clarke S.L.P. (Spain), a professional private limited liability company (sociedad de responsabilidad limitada profesional) incorporated under the laws of Spain with registered offices at Av. Diagonal, 477, planta 20, 08036 Barcelona, Spain and provided with tax identification number (NIF) B-65697609, registered with the Commercial Registry of Barcelona and with the Registry of Professional Partnerships of the Barcelona Bar Association;

4. Osborne Clarke Studio Legale (Italy), a partnership established under the laws of Italy whose registered office is Corso di Porta Vittoria 9, 20122 Milan, Italy (VAT number 10924500159); 

5. Osborne Clarke cvba (Belgium), a professional private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Belgium with registered offices at Bastion Tower, Marsveldplein 5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

6. Osborne Clarke SELAS (France), a simplified joint stock professional company incorporated under the laws of France with registered offices at Osborne Clarke SELAS, 163 boulevard Malesherbes, 75017 Paris, France;

7. Osborne Clarke N.V. (The Netherlands), a professional limited liability company incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands with registered offices at Jachthavenweg 130, 1081 KJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, registered with the Trade Register of the Chambers of Commerce with registration number 60184965;

8. Osborne Clarke Advokatfirma AB (Sweden), a limited liability company (aktiebolag) established under the laws of Sweden with registered number 559291-2603 whose registered office is at Mäster Samuelsgatan 6, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden. It is a law firm whose shares are directly or indirectly owned by individual professionals who are members of the Swedish Bar Association (Sw. Advokatsamfundet);

9. OC Queen Street (Singapore), a limited liability company established under the laws of Singapore with offices at Spectrum, Level 5 Duo Tower, 3 Fraser Street, Singapore 189352.

10. Zhang Yu & Partners (Shanghai) is a law firm licensed in China by the PRC Ministry of Justice with its principal place of business at Suite 708, West Wing, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China, 200040.

11. Osborne Clarke, Inc. (USA), a Delaware-incorporated company with filing no. 5032434 whose principal office is 455 Market Street, Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States.

12. Osborne Clarke Olkiewicz Świerzewski i Wspólnicy S.K.A. (Poland) a joint stock partnership established under the laws of Poland and registered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw under number 0000956511  whose registered office is at Senatorska 18a, 00-082 Warszawa,  Poland.

Each of the above member entities is a separately constituted and regulated legal entity or partnership which provides legal and other client services in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates. Osborne Clarke, Inc. does not provide US legal advice, but may advise on the laws of other jurisdictions in which its employees are qualified. Further details of the member entities that provide legal or other services to clients in each country can be found here.

Each Osborne Clarke Verein Member accepts liability for the provision of services it provides. Unless explicit written agreement is given by each member entity involved, no Osborne Clarke Verein Member is responsible for the acts or omissions of, nor has the authority to obligate or otherwise bind, any other Osborne Clarke Verein Member.

The use of the name “Osborne Clarke” and words or phrases such as “international legal organisation”, “firm”, “law firm” or “practice” used in relation to Osborne Clarke Verein or any Osborne Clarke Verein Member are for convenience only and do not mean that the Osborne Clarke Verein or all or any Osborne Clarke Verein Members are in partnership together or accept responsibility for each other’s acts or omissions.

The Osborne Clarke Verein will not be liable for the acts or omissions of any Osborne Clarke Verein Member.