New SRA Transparency Rules oblige us to publish: Cost information for certain prescribed services that we offer. Due to the wide variety of the individual circumstances that we are asked to advise upon we do not consider it practicable to provide a total cost for each individual service that is covered. Once we have properly understood your circumstances and requirements we will always give you an individual cost estimate at the start of your instruction. Details on this are provided below under Services. Details of our complaints handling procedure The full procedure can be viewed here.



We advise individuals on a broad range of immigration applications and, with immigration rules constantly changing, we are here to provide the most up-to-date advice, coupled with clear and practical solutions.

Our team advises on the full range of business/corporate immigration services and investor/entrepreneur visa applications/extensions of stay as well as family members and UK nationality applications. We provide a full-service - meaning that we prepare applications fully to include the application form, cover letter, advice on supporting evidence, the making of the visa application appointment (where applicable), submission of the application itself and liaising with the decision making department.

The individual circumstances and requirements of our clients vary significantly such as it is not practicable for us to provide details of the total cost of our service. We can say that our prices currently range from £2,000 for a more straightforward application where individual circumstances are simple and all evidence and documentation required to support the application is readily available, to £20,000 where individual circumstances are complex and supporting documentation harder to obtain.

Dependent upon circumstances we may be able to agree a fixed fee. Otherwise charges are on an hourly rate basis with rates ranging from £186 inc VAT per hour for a more straightforward matter to £660 per hour inc VAT for a more complex one. The rate applicable will depend upon the experience of the lawyer engaged, the nature of the service you wish us to provide and the individual circumstances of your matter. 

This is why we will always provide you with an individual cost estimate at the start of your matter. In addition there may be disbursements that you will need to pay. These are costs payable to the Home Office and differ according to the application being made. An up to date list of costs can be found here.

Details of the lawyers who undertake and supervise this work can be found here


No estate is exactly the same, and our fees will reflect the complexity of the deceased's affairs. For example, estates comprising simple assets with a small number of beneficiaries will cost less to administer than estates comprising complex or business assets, multiple heirs and those establishing will trusts for multiple beneficiaries. Because of this it is not practicable for us to provide a figure for the total cost of us helping you until we have details of the estate to be administered.

Our fees for estate administration start from £12,000 inc. VAT for the most simple administration and are charged on the basis of our time, rather than the value of the estate. Fees for the most complex estates may exceed £50,000 inc VAT but this is rare save for those with an international element, complex tax issues or establishing will trusts. Once we have discussed the assets and devolution of the estate with you, we will provide you with a written estimate and description of the services we will need to provide in order to ensure the timely and complete administration of the estate.

Due to the broad range of services and, therefore, the degree of experience needed in order to administer any one estate it is not practicable for us to state a precise rate at which our time will be charged. Our hourly rates currently range from £180 inc VAT per hour to £798 inc VAT per hour. Our standard services include:

  1. A review of will and the deceased's family connections to advise you on the proper distribution of the estate;
  2. Liaising with banks, asset managers, accountants, valuers and third parties to ascertain the value of the estate's assets and liabilities;
  3. Calculating any inheritance tax due on the estate and exemptions and reliefs that may reduce this;
  4. Preparing and submitting the application to the Probate Registry;
  5. Gathering in the estate assets and paying outstanding liabilities;
  6. Organising the submission of lifetime and estate tax returns;
  7. Preparing estate accounts (with accountants where necessary);
  8. Paying legacies and distributing the remaining assets in accordance with the deceased's wishes; and
  9. Forming any trusts established under the Will.

We particularly specialise in international estates and these usually require additional work to establish the applicable law, the form of the application and the calculation of taxes due in several countries.

Typical disbursements for simple estates will include:

  • £155 - Probate application fee
  • £7 - Swearing of the oath
  • £200 (approx.) -   Post in The London Gazette and a local newspaper – This helps to protect against unknown creditors.
  • £3 – Land Registry title copy – per property
  • £20-125 – Land Registry fee for transferring properties to beneficiaries
  • Valuation fees – depending on the value and nature of any property
  • Licence fees – may be charged by Freehold landlords for the transfer of apartments and flats

All of the disbursement costs listed are inclusive of VAT. Inheritance tax may also be payable.

Our service includes advice on inheritance tax and we will calculate any tax and interest that may be due. Details of the lawyers who undertake and supervise this work can be found here.

Representation for Employers in Defence of Claims for Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal Claims Before the Employment Tribunal

Under the SRA Transparency Rules we are required to provide pricing information on the defence of an unfair or wrongful dismissal claim before the Employment Tribunal.

In general terms, claims issued by individuals for unfair or wrongful dismissal only are relatively rare because often individuals make additional claims (such as discrimination) at the same time as claiming a dismissal is unfair or wrongful. However, the work that is undertaken in respect of an unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal claim is broad and is entirely dependent upon the individual circumstances being alleged. For that reason it is not practicable for us to provide a total cost of the service.

The majority of the cases we undertake involve us splitting the Tribunal process into a number of component parts (the number of which will depend on the complexity of the case), scoping out the work involved for each part and setting a budget for this work.

The majority of cases settle or are dismissed prior to a full hearing and so not all the work involved in the Tribunal process will be required in each case.

Our charges can be based either upon a fixed fee for certain components or an hourly rate or a combination of the two depending upon your individual circumstances including your approach and attitude to risk. It is not possible to provide a figure for either a fixed fee or an hourly rate for each component part of a case because each will depend on a number of factors including the number of witnesses, the complexity of the factual basis of the claim including the amount of documentation, the value of the claim, whether additional claims (such as whistleblowing and discrimination are pursued alongside the unfair dismissal/wrongful dismissal claims), whether preliminary hearings are required (and if so, how many and for what purpose), the clarity of the law on the issues in dispute and the length of the final hearing. Bearing all that in mind our fees for an unfair dismissal/wrongful dismissal claim in the Employment Tribunal can range from £1000 inc VAT for a straightforward claim (where for example, the case involves established legal issues and few issues of fact and is dismissed or settled at an early stage of proceedings) to £25,000 inc VAT for more complex claims where for example the legal position is unsettled, there is significant documentary evidence, conflicts of fact and multiple witnesses. In some circumstances for highly complex cases, fees may however exceed this upper limit. We would, in any event, advise clients on likely fees at the outset of a matter.

Disbursements are generally limited to Counsel fees. These fees will vary depending on the seniority of the barrister and the length of the hearing. Counsel's fees for attending at the hearing including preparation are estimated between £500 to £2,350 a day excluding VAT and expenses.

Details of the lawyers who undertake and supervise this work can be found here.