Osborne Clarke - an innovation-focused law firm - outlines the focal points of its tech offering, also inherent to the field of Artificial Intelligence.

OC Solutions is Osborne Clarke's technology and innovation team that uses cloud-based, secure and configurable technologies to develop bespoke platforms that allow clients to track projects in real-time, share information with key stakeholders, capture and discover insights from data. The platforms use a variety of applications to provide a single source of truth, improving process efficiency and cost control. The team work in an agile, iterative way, taking small steps to help ease adoption and change.

Among the most recent applications, Osborne Clarke Solutions' new AI-based interactive compliance tool, enabling client teams to ask their questions in chat or voice format using natural language and receive answers in real-time. The unanswered questions are collected and forwarded to Osborne Clarke's lawyers which means it doesn't hallucinate. They work out the answers and enter them into the policy, which in turn is incorporated into the tool. In this way, the tool understands its users better as time goes on.  The tool's efficiency saves significant time and resources in dealing with compliance issues. At the same time, access to information is easier, which gives in-house legal departments more time to deal with more complex issues.

Osborne Clarke's colleagues can also benefit from OC-GPT, a safe-space internal tool that is still in the experimental phase and limited to non-client data. The tool uses OpenAI technology applied to a proprietary database and is hosted in the secure environment of Azure Cloud. Osborne Clarke supports its professionals to use this new technology with a firm-wide training programme.

Innovation is also at the heart of the firm's philanthropic activities. In fact, #FindTheOrange, the non-profit association founded by Osborne Clarke in Italy that promotes innovation in the visual arts and life sciences, has launched the first edition of the #FindTheOrangeAI [Photo] Contest, a competition based on images reworked with Artificial Intelligence that aims to raise public awareness of the potential and risks associated with the use of this new technology. The scientific and artistic direction is entrusted to the scientist and artist Mauro Martino, director of the Visual Artificial Intelligence Lab at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, MA, USA, as well as one of the most internationally well-known AI artists. In October, at the conclusion of the contest, Osborne Clarke will organise a round table discussion that will be the occasion to officially announce the names of the winners and animate a debate, in the presence of some of the most authoritative exponents in the field, on the topic of the legal implications of the use of artificial intelligence. Competition entries can be submitted within Sunday 8 September 2024. Info and contest rules: www.findtheorange.it

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