Media comment | The Grocer – will there be more policies against 'greenwashing'?

Written on 19 January 2021

The Grocer is one of Europe’s leading media brands focused on the FMCG sector. This week it is looking ahead to see what trends we might see in 2021 and how Covid might shape the market.

Osborne Clarke food lawyer Katrina Anderson is among those included in this in-depth feature:

“Consumers have been saying their purchases are motivated by environmental concerns for some time. Food manufacturers have responded by making a range of commitments and claims” says Katrina Anderson, a food lawyer at Osborne Clarke. “Some have been genuine and valid but others have been merely a case of greenwashing.”

“The regulators have started to get involved. The Advertising Standards Authority has said that investigating environmental claims is a top priority for 2021 and indicated they expect a particularly high level of substantiation for these claims. The Competition and Markets Authority also launched an investigation into the substantiation of environmental claims last year,” she adds. “We expect to see significant enforcement against food manufacturers and retailers for misleading green claims as a result and new guidance which sets the standard high”.

The full article can be accessed here (limited free articles)

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