Update on the EU Blue Card scheme: new threshold for Germany

Published on 4th Jan 2017

The EU Blue Card is an important residence permit for highly qualified employees who would like to take up a job in an EU country (with the exception of the UK, Ireland or Denmark, where the Blue Card scheme does not apply). To be eligible for the EU Blue Card, the applicant has to have a university degree. Furthermore, they have to be able to prove that the salary they will earn during their stay in the relevant country corresponds to a specific minimum amount.

In Germany, the threshold is linked to the assessment ceiling of the statutory pension insurance. Therefore, the salary thresholds change every calendar year.

In 2017, the salary threshold will increase in Germany to EUR 50,800.00 gross per year.

If the applicant takes up a job in a shortage occupation, such as engineering, a reduced salary threshold applies. In this case, for 2017, the applicant has to earn EUR 39,624.00 gross per year.

The minimum thresholds for other countries will differ, so for those with an interest in other EU countries, advice should be sought in relation to the particular country of interest.

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* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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