UK Immigration Update | November 2019

Written on 7 Nov 2019

Welcome to the first quarterly update from the Osborne Clarke UK immigration team.

In these updates, our immigration experts will provide you with updates and information on the most widely discussed and important topics in this arena. These updates will be useful for businesses that employ or are thinking about employing migrant workers, as well as to those individuals who are considering relocating to the UK. And, of course, we will keep you updated on the implications of Brexit for your business and your workforce.

In this issue, we launch our interactive compliance questionnaire for anyone who has, or is looking to obtain, a sponsor licence to employ migrant workers. Compliance is a core aspect of our work and this tool will help cut through the quagmire of policy to help you quickly identify areas where you may be at risk. Getting this wrong can be costly and detrimental, risking the imposition of criminal sanctions on your business. The questionnaire should take no more than a few minutes to complete – and could save you and your business a significant headache.

We have articles on the current state of play of Brexit and the position of EU workers, and closely linked to this, an insight on what the future may hold for the UK's immigration system. We also take a look at the shortage occupation list and what this spells for the Technology, Media and Communications sector.

If any of these issues are relevant to you and your business, do contact us directly and we would be happy to help. As this is our first update, we have included brief biographies of our expert team.

The Future of the immigration system | Room for cautious optimism?

The government has confirmed that it will implement a complete overhaul of the UK immigration system in January 2021 in light of Brexit and an anticipated end of free movement; but what will this system look like and what can businesses do to prepare for this eventuality?

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Ready for Brexit? Preparing for the impact of Brexit on EU citizens' rights

With the UK and the EU having agreed a revised Withdrawal Agreement and an extension of the Article 50 notification period, up to 31 January 2020, what does that mean for EU nationals who are either already in the UK or who are planning to enter the UK in the future? What should individuals and businesses be doing now to prepare?


UK shortage occupation list expansion | Good news for tech businesses

The UK's shortage occupation list , the official list of jobs that the government believes are in short supply, has been significantly expanded; meaning it is now much easier for businesses in certain sectors to attract, recruit and relocate staff from overseas to the UK.

The expansion of the list, to include almost all roles within the digital and IT sector, will be welcomed by many businesses in the tech sector given the known problems of locating suitable UK qualified staff.

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