Giovanni Buttarelli European Data Protection Supervisor- ‘A new chapter for data protection’

Written on 24 Sep 2015

Giovanni Buttarelli speaking at today’s Competition Rebooted Conference in Brussels emphasised the need for a drive towards a conjoined approach to the development of data protection policy between competition and data protection commissioners. One year on from the EDPS’ preliminary opinion on Competition and Privacy, Buttarelli announced that a second preliminary opinion can be expected by the end of the year which will provide an update on progress towards:

  • a united approach to data protection policy; and 
  • a solution which balances exploitation of big data with protection of consumer interests.

Buttarelli confirmed that the EDPS is working with international data and competition commissioners to develop regulation of big data in Europe and that this includes interaction with the US, who is and will remain a ‘strategic partner’ in the process. EDPS’ thinking and findings are also being closely watched by various other countries across the world who are grappling with the big data issue.

Buttarelli described how this current stream of work is leading to a ‘new chapter’ for data protection; with the collective review of data protection, competition and consumer protection regulation providing an opportunity to legislate for the next generation .