Cyber security in Belgium

Written on 5 May 2015

The employee as a pawn in the battle for cyber security

Belgium-based Counsel Ann-Sophie De Graeve and Senior Associate Johanna Van Herreweghen co-wrote an article for DataNews, titled The employee as a pawn in the battle for cyber security. In the article, Ann-Sophie and Johanna explore the role of employees in a company’s cyber security strategy: how employees can put companies at risk but also how companies can incentivize and train employees to be vigilant and a first line of defence against corporate cyber security threats. The article is available in Flemish and French.

Global Forum on Cyber Expertise 

In an attempt to increase cyber security and internet safety throughout the world, several countries (including the US, Japan, Australia, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany) together with global enterprises Microsoft and Vodafone have launched the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise. The Forum will be located in the Hague. By sharing experiences and know-how on cyber security, cybercrime and data protection, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise hopes to increase internet safety at a steady pace, to everyone’s benefit businesses and consumers alike.