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Regulatory Outlook

Cyber security | UK Regulatory Outlook November 2023

NCSC annual review 2023 | Consultation response to review of Computer Misuse Act 1990 | Counter Ransomware Initiative joint statement
Regulatory Outlook

Data protection | UK Regulatory Outlook November 2023

UK King's Speech announces Data Protection and Digital Information Bill | UK government publishes IDTA and EU SCC Addendum evaluation
Artificial intelligence

What is the latest on international, EU and UK initiatives to regulate artificial intelligence?

After a flurry of autumn activity, we review the current position for AI regulation as 2024 approaches
IT and data

Spain seeks to adapt its regulations to the artificial intelligence era

The Spanish government takes a step forward in regulating the use of AI for recreating images and voices of people
Financial Services

FCA identifies UK industry failings in response to financial crime

Firms reminded to improve risk mitigation and customer support against authorised push payment fraud attacks
Regulatory and compliance

UK King's Speech announces legislation for the digital, data and media spheres

Three Queen's Speech 2022 bills have reappeared on the legislative programme: will they make the statute book this time?
Regulatory and compliance

Changes to the UK public procurement regimes set to deliver digital healthcare in the NHS

The huge potential of AI and data will help to drive efficiencies, improve patient outcomes and reduce spend
Online Safety

Age assurance is focus of European regulatory action for online protection of minors

What are the requirements and developments around age assurance in Europe and specifically France, Germany and the UK?
Financial Services

New rules on marketing cryptoassets in the UK suffer teething issues

Regulator warns firms on compliance, flags common problems with crypto financial promotions, and issues guidance
Artificial intelligence

UK tribunal says ICO had no jurisdiction to rule on US tech group Clearview AI

What does the Clearview tribunal judgment mean for Information Commisioner's Office extra-territorial enforcement?
Knowledge Notes

What to expect from the UK King's Speech

In what is likely to be the last Parliamentary session before the next general election, capacity for new measures is
Employment and pensions

Business protection in the employment lifecycle: what US businesses with global employees need to know

The employment lifecycle offers various touchpoints for potential risk, from onboarding to exit