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Audit rights: an 'after Paddington' drafting checklist for keeping clauses clear

Tips on what drafting issues should be considered by the party that is more likely to be audited
Intellectual property

Standing out from the crowd: EUIPO rules that the shape of Dior's Saddle bag lacks distinctiveness

EUIPO Board of Appeal decision has underscored the difficulties with registering 3D marks consisting of the appearance of a luxury
Intellectual property

Unified Patent Court: the basics

The UPC will soon be operational and getting to grips with the basics of how it operates is essential
Intellectual property

Long-arm jurisdiction: how remedies can extend to non-UPC states

UPC jurisdiction may be broader than it first appeared but questions remain about its reach over third-state defendants
Public Law

NRRP: an investment in the future

The European Union has responded to the pandemic crisis with the Next Generation EU (NGEU), a programme of unprecedented scope
Intellectual property

UPC action points: opting out of the EU's Unified Patent Court

Attitudes towards UPC opt-outs will depend on the proprietor and their patents but options should be weighed up now
Intellectual property

UK's biggest offshore wind farm is not in jurisdiction of English patent law

The Patents Court has found that an offshore wind farm is not within the territorial ambit of the Patents Act
Intellectual property

Hosting third-party products could make online marketplaces liable for trade mark infringement

CJEU opens way for national courts to find website operators liable for trade mark infringement by third-party products
Intellectual property

No contributory patent infringement by offering mere wear parts, says German Federal Court

The last decision of the German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) on the delimitation of a permissible “intended use”
Intellectual property

Unified Patent Court: an introduction to the UPC's general jurisdiction

Knowing the UPC's competence and international jurisdiction rules is vital to understand what it can hear and reach
Urban Dynamics

The future of food – the challenges of putting alternative protein sources on the UK market

As consumer demand for alternative proteins grows, companies launching new foods need to be aware of the developing regulatory position