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Dispute resolution

UK to make ‘failure to prevent fraud’ a criminal offence

Recently proposed amendments will see the biggest change in corporate criminal enforcement since the enactment of the Bribery Act in


Spain modifies rules to dissolve companies and to control foreign investments

New corporate developments follow the entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 20/2022 of 27 December

Financial Services

Banks' anti-money laundering failures targeted by the UK FCA in New Year clamp down

The financial regulator's opening salvo of enforcement action highlights a range of AML shortcomings at UK banks

ESG, sustainability and responsible business

How the ESG agenda is shaping international supply chains in Asia

Sustainable strategies and supply chain management are a focus in the region and for legal advisors in 2023 and beyond


2023 predictions: What's on the horizon for US businesses operating in Europe?

By staying ahead of the curve and preparing for changes, US businesses can remain competitive and successful in Europe

Financial Services

Investment funds and asset management: the international road ahead for 2023

What UK, EU and international legislative and non-legislative developments can be expected over the next 12 months?

Knowledge Notes

UK business law predictions for 2023

As the new year unfolds, we look ahead at what legal developments businesses can expect


VC Focus | Why VCs and companies use convertible loan notes and bridging rounds in the UK

Bridging finance is often used in venture capital finance with a variety of options available.


VC Focus | UK term sheets explained for founders: leaver provisions and founders' interests

In this second Insight on term sheets, we explain some additional technical terms, including founder vesting, anti-dilution ratchets, and “drag


VC Focus | UK term sheets explained for founders: understanding the jargon

While not legally binding, term sheets reflect the agreed position on material commercial points in a VC investment, and need


VC Focus | Top 10 tips for companies on how best to prepare for VC investment

Businesses may encounter a number of issues when preparing for a venture capital fundraising – but careful planning can make


VC Focus | How companies can successfully navigate the VC investment process

Securing investment from VCs can be disruptive and slow – but there are things that can be done to ease